11 Exercises For The Eyes to Fortify Your Eyesight


Are you tired of staring at the computer screen or the mobile phone? Doing certain simple exercises can help to bring relief and comfort to the eyes.

1. Palming exercise

sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Now rub the palms of your hands hard and then keep the warm palms on your eyelids. Stay in this position for some time until the eyes absorb the warmth and your eyes feel relaxed and comfortable.


2. Blinking exercise

blink 10 times very quickly at any time and this will exercise the nerves of your eyes and make you feel relaxed. Rest for some time and then repeat again.


3. Focus switching of eyes

just like when your eyes are tested before deciding the power, similarly for this exercise you have to cover one eye with a hand and try reading with the other. Then relax again do the same with the other and see how it can exercise your eyes.


4. Tromboning exercise for eyes

for this close your eyes and hold any object at a distance and inhale. Now move the object and touch the tip of your nose, open your eyes. Increase the distance of the object slowly, look at the object and move it back out while exhaling. Repeat this exercise for about 2-3 times daily.


5. Temple massage

massage is one of the best solutions to improve the blood circulation through the nerves which carry blood to the eyes and carries the visual information from retina to the brain. Massaging the temple gently for 5-10 minutes can make your eyes feel relaxed.


6. Rotational viewing exercise

sit in a relaxed position with the thumbs up sign with one hand. Now move the thumb while keeping the elbow static and follow this movement with your eyes. Do this clockwise and anti clock wise. Repeat this 5 times and see how helpful it is for your eyes.


7. Up and down viewing exercise

sit in a relaxed position with fists on the lap. Now take both fist with thumb pointing upwards and raise it to the highest level your hands can go and after sometime bring them back to the starting position. Follow the thumb movements with your eyes.


8. Nose tip staring

sit in a quiet position and stretch your hand out with the thumb pointing upwards. Now inhale and keep looking at the thumb while you bring it close to the nose tip. Continue looking for 2-3 minutes and then exhale. Do this 5 times.


9. Hydrotherapy

take two bowls, one with warm water and the other with cold water. Take two pieces of cloth, dip one by one in each and squeeze the water out before placing it on the eyes and keeping it there for a few minutes. Do this with both warm and cold water alternately and see how relaxing it is.

10. Near and distance viewing

when you are outside or in the home look at the distant objects you can with your eyes and move them from left to right or vice versa in an unhurried manner. You can blink and then relax. This will help to relax your eyes.

11. Shavasana

lie in a Shavasana(corpses pose) for few minutes and relax yourself completely. Breathe normally and relax. This will help the whole body including the eye nerves to relax.

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