5 Types Of Clothes To Avoid In Summer


Summers can be hot and sultry and if you do not choose your clothes wisely and simply look for ways to be fashionable then it can be a total disaster. Summer is for cool cotton clothes as cotton allows the clothes to breathe or let air pass through. So, it is best to avoid clothes which do not allow air to pass through even though they may be in fashion or style. Here we will discuss a few materials which you should avoid to keep yourself cool this summer:


this durable fabric does not soak water and will hold all your sweat in rather than releasing it. It keeps the wetness and will make you feel sweaty and itchy. Most tops and dresses are made of this material today and can make you feel really hot and sweaty in the summers. So, it is best to avoid this during this season and wear them during winters.


this is another material which people should avoid wearing in the summer season. This synthetic fabric will make you break into a sweat, as this too does not soak sweat, leading to uncomfortable feeling and rashes for those with sensitive skin. The leggings, stockings and workout clothes are generally made from this material.


it is a light weight cotton like material which is synthetic in nature. This again does not help to soak up moisture and can get really hot when worn during the summer months. So, again it is best to go for cotton than this material in the hot and humid summer.


Silk is not synthetic, but is not the ideal material for the warm weather either. Silk loves to cling to moisture and thus, if you’re wearing silk and starting to get sweaty, then be prepared for your clothes to start sticking to your body. It is because of this quality many people do not prefer to wear it in the summer season, and wear it in winter. So, you have to be careful while selecting your clothes in the summer season.


plastic shoes and other things can be cute to look at but remember plastic does not allow air to pass through. It means your feet cannot breathe, they become hot and sweaty and this may also lead to the feet smelling badly which may cause embarrassment to many. So, this is another material which should be avoided at all cost during the summer months.



Thus, if you are still not sure about what type of clothes to avoid in the summers, then take the help of the following points and make sure you avoid these materials to stay cool. Wear cotton clothes which allow air to pass through and help you to stay cool. Even though most fashionable clothes look good, yet most are made of synthetic material which makes you hot and sweaty in summers. So keep them for winters and wear cotton clothes to feel cool and easy this summer.