8 Stars Who Wear the Same Thing Every Day!


Many people in this world are superstitious and wear the same thing every day. So, is the case with some of our stars. There are many stars around the world who wear the same thing every day. Here are a few mentionable names:

Steve Jobs 

he was so used to wearing his black mock turtle neck, blue jeans and his new balance sneakers everyday wherever he went, that he even thought of making it the uniform for his employees. However most of them refused to wear this. Thus, Steve Jobs gave up on the idea.


Mark Zuckerberg

like Steve Jobs, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who is the wonder kid of today, also believes in wearing the same thing every day, that is a grey t-shirt sometimes accompanied with a black hoodie.


Christopher Nolan 

although most other directors associated with the film industry believe in wearing comfortable clothes on shoot Christopher Nolan wears a black blazer every day. Since he was brought up in a boarding school, it has become his habit to wear blazers.


Karl Lagerfeld

although he is the owner of one of the most prestigious fashion house, yet he himself wears the same thing every day. Black pant suits, white shirts and tie are a must everyday although accessories may change.


Simon cowell 

his wardrobe is filled with only two things that he wears every day. His casual T- shirts and jeans, or may be a black pantsuit for formal occasion with white unbuttoned shirt.


Angelina jolie

on the red carpet she may flaunt different styles and types of dresses but at home she is always casually dressed. While touring she usually sticks to black, white, navy or grey and is often seen in her slim pants, ballerinas and a loose blouse.


Michael Kors 

being a fashion designer has not made him wear different clothes every day. Just like the previous celebrities on this list, Michael also loves to wear the same thing every day. He loves wearing black jackets, black T-shirts and white jeans. Wherever he goes, he does not forget to pack these items.


Kelly Cutrone

she is the founder of one of the best fashion houses and is one of the most powerful woman. Kelly Cutrone does not have the image-conscious attitude of the fashion industry in which she works, and likes nothing better than wearing all black every day. Although she is from the fashion industry, yet she does not flaunt new styles or dresses every day. She sticks with her all blacks as she is more comfortable in them.



thus, there is no harm in wearing the same clothes everyday and most successful people do it, whatever be their reason. So, the next time you think of repeating your dress do not worry about what people will say. Just look good and comfortable and relax. As from the above list we can see the most successful people are following this trend successfully then why should we not do it?