Best Fashion Tips All The Time


Fashion is about anything and everything. Anything you wear well could become a fashion and that is how trends start. Well, if you are one of those fashion conscious people who love to be up to date on all new fashion, then here are a few tips for you. Follow them and you will have millions of people following you for your good fashion sense and trends. They are:

Show skin strategically 

if you want to look really hot and sexy then you must know which portions to show and which to keep under wraps to keep the audience guessing. Choose to show off your skin wisely. If you are showing legs, don’t show cleavage, or if you are showing shoulders don’t show any other portion.


White button down shirt

a white button down shirt is always in and can be worn anywhere and everywhere. It has been in fashion since ages and need to be changed as they may turn yellow with the passage of time. They can be worn over jeans and skirts and look stylish and trendy.


Use bright accessories 

if your closet is full of navy, black and other boring colored accessories, then it’s time to add some life into them. Add brightly colored accessories and shoes to your wardrobe and see how well they go with most outfits. They are versatile and make your dull outfit interesting.


Hem your pants for the right shoe height 

the most common mistake made by all women is that they do not wear pants which are of the right length for the shoes. So, essentially the hem of your pants should graze the top of your shoes or be ½ inch to ¾ inch off the floor. Always keep this tip in mind while wearing pants.


A scarf

it is one of the best and most versatile of all accessories which you must always have with you to appear trendy and fashionable. You can carry one in your purse or bag, adding which over a simple t-shirt will also make you look stylish and trendy. You can try different colored scarves.


Layer your necklaces

if you are wearing a necklace, then add layers to it, as layers create a greater impact and make you appear stylish and trendy. So instead of just one layer add multiple layers to your necklace.


Don’t over accessorize 

if your evening dress is the main attraction of the evening or the party, then don’t take attention away from it by adding too many accessories to it. Just add a simple pair of ear rings or a simple necklace and let it be. It will make you look classic and elegant.


Now that you know the secret behind great fashion, try some of these tips and see how useful they are and how easily they can transform you from an ordinary person to a diva. So, if you want to look fashionable, keep these tips in mind and floor all with your style.