The Latest Saree Trends For The Wedding Season!


A saree is an important part of an Indian woman’s life and has been often known as the most alluring garment of all times. Most men would agree with me on this point and vote for saree to be the most attractive garment for a woman although can be a bit difficult to manage at times. It can be worn in different ways and is made from different materials which make tucking and draping it a little difficult for amateurs. Since, weddings are often associated with sarees, here we will discuss the latest saree trends for the wedding season.

Color pleated sarees 

after a season of contrast pallus, this year sarees with pleats of contrasting colors are doing the rounds. This wedding season, try these trendy sarees and see how it can impress all and make you look different from the others in the croud. You can wear these sarees for any occasion be it a party or a wedding.


Sheer and opaque 

nothing can compare with the opaque and fluid sarees available in the market today. You can have opaque or sheer sarees along with a combination of both. The saree can be opaque with a sheer pallu. Get your saree to show off the natural curves you have with the opaque portion hiding the problem areas. these sarees are in trend today and are loved by all.


Lace sarees 

lace is considered to be a timeless classic forever. A saree having a lace is one which is a must in all women’s cupboard. Its sheer material provides you with a glamorous look and its design add a class to your saree. A satin blouse goes perfectly with it and makes you look gorgeous. This is one of the best options to wear for a wedding.


Ombre sarees

after cool ombre dupattas and lehengas, ombre sarees have flooded the markets today. Ombre shades can be a bit tricky but all shades from the same color can make the saree look beautiful. Ombre sarees look appealing and gorgeous for al occasions.


Border sarees 

the broad bordered sarees are making a comeback today again. Whether it is on a Kanjeevaram silk saree or a simple net saree, a broad border adds a classy beauty to it. For the youngsters though there are appliqué borders, sequin or metallic borders which can add to the beauty of the saree. So, if you are going to a wedding, choose a wide border saree to create the right impression.


Lehenga saree 

this is the trendiest of all sarees this wedding season. It is almost like a fusion of the east and the west and has its own charm. It is a gown in styled in the same way that of a saree or vice versa but without any pallu. This makes it manageable for those who find it difficult to drape and wrap the material around them. It is the best garment for marriage parties, engagements and other occasions. It is easy to wear and is no doubt trendy.


So, go get your saree today and surprise all with your super gorgeous and elegant look. All men beware as wearing a saree is most certainly going to make you the centre of attraction at any wedding.