Top 10 Hairstyles For 2016


Hairstyles can change the look of a person and not having the right hairstyle can spoil the very look of a person. Thus, while choosing the hairstyle one has to be careful and select the hairstyle according to their face shape, hair length etc. here we will discuss some new and fresh styles for the year 2016. While some people do not to experiment too much with the hairstyles, here are some really good hairstyles for them too.

Texturized bobs

angled bobs with long layers in front is what the people are going for this year and is being appreciated by Hollywood stars and common man alike. It is a simple and easy hairstyle and you can get the waves in the hair easily too.

Bold curls 

this hairstyle is in fashion this year and there is no need for women with curls to hide them behind braids or get them ironed to get straight hair. So, the big bold curls are one of the most happening hairstyles of 2016.


bangs suit almost all kind of face shapes and thus various types of bangs are being used by the women of today. You can have side part bang, messy bang, shaggy bang, choppy bang etc. this again looks good on most faces and adds a subtle softness to your face.

Centre parts 

the centre parting has become quite a rage today and many have given up on the side parting to go for the centre parting. It looks natural and fresh and provides people with a stylish and trendy hairstyle in a simple manner. It is easy and simple to do it.

Extra volume on top 

many famous celebrities today are trying out this hairstyle and it helps to lengthen a round shape or heart shaped face. In this hair style more volume of hair is pumped up on the top of the head meaning longer hair on the top of the head and cropped at the back and sides

Shorter long hair 

while in this hairstyle the hair is not quite long yet it can be tied into a pony when required. People keep bangs in front and the hair style looks cute with almost a blunt look.

One direction curls

here the hair is curled on in the same direction. This is an improvement on the structured waves that you can achieve with a curling iron. Make a deep side part on the opposite side of the head you actually do the parting and curl away, to pull the hair on the shorter side of your part behind one ear to keep the look soft.

Illusion bob

this hairstyle makes us think all the hair is gone but actually it has been craftily hidden. Start with small portion of hair at the nape area, and tuck them under with bobby pins to get a shorter look. Do this to the front and you will have the illusion of a bob.

Geometric braids

A few geometric cornrows above one ear gives a nice twist to this type of hairstyle. It looks good on almost all people and makes them look stylish and trendy.

Another structured bob 

a bob with romantic waves and highlights on one side of the hair makes one look really sophisticated yet stylish. This hairstyle is in vogue and must be tried.


So, if you have still not decided on the type of hairstyle you want to have this year, then choose from one among these. They are no doubt the best and the most popular hairstyle of today among common and celebrities.