10 Types Of Shoes Which Every Woman Should Own!


Shoes say a lot about the personality of a person and if you don’t wear the right kind of shoes with the right kind of clothes then it may cause a disaster. Thus, being a woman, you should know how to choose the right kind of shoes for yourself. In order to get through all occasions you must have these shoes in your cup board and see how easy life becomes:

Black pumps 

a basic black pump shoe is good for all seasons and occasions whether it is of suede or leather. They go with all outfit and make you look sophisticated and trendy. So, having a black pump shoe in your closet is a must.


Ankle strap sandals 

these ankle strap sandals again seem to go with mainly skirts but you can wear them otherwise too. Wearing them can make your legs look longer and attractive. Thus, if you are going out, you could wear this sandal and see how good it is.


Ankle boots 

it does the perfect job of adding an edge to the look. An ankle boot is looks really good when paired with jeans or dresses. So, if you have not got yours, get it today. It looks stylish and trendy.


Ballet flats 

this is another must have shoe for all women.  It is the best run around shoe and if at work you have got to do a whole lot of running around, then no doubt this is the best option.


Animal print heels 

well, this is the newest trend and the animal print shoes have gained a whole lot of popularity. The snakeskin or leopard skin heels add a sultriness to your looks and go well with other prints too.


Pointed toe heels 

as this is one of the latest trends, it is essential to have one of these in your shoe closet right now. They look stylish, chic and attractive. They are easy to wear and easy to handle.


Metallic heels 

they are great for all times of the day and match almost any type of dressing. Thus, it is important to have one such shoe in your cupboard always.



wedges provide you with a good height if you are on the shorter side and also provide great style to the person wearing them. It is a must have shoe for the women of today, so make sure you have a pair of these in your shoe closet.


A sneaker 

a sneaker is one of the most important part of a woman’s shoe closet and it is again a must have. Sneakers can be paired with almost any types of dresses be it jeans or overalls, and they would look cute and nice. So, girls! It is necessary to have a pair of sneakers always ready.


Tall boots

this type of shoes look stylish and trendy and can be worn during the falls and make a t- shirt and jeans look better when paired with it.


So, ladies get your priorities right and make sure you have this kind of shoes in your cupboard before venturing out. It is essential match them up with your clothes to get the best effect.