5 Beauty Hacks For Monsoon

beauty hacks for monsoon

As the Monsoon season comes, skin becomes very oily, hairs gets frizzy, drop down of the makeup from the face which probably troubles a lot. Rainy season is really confusing time for the skin. In monsoon season, the immune system of the body lowers down, and skin gets infected with various types of diseases. Since, this season infect the atmosphere, air, food, drinks, and surroundings. In this harsh weather skin and hair care should be done in the proper way to get away from such problems.

Here are few beauty tips which can help you out in keeping your skin refreshing in the monsoon season.

Moisturize your skin

Moisturizer is very important for the skin to keep it supple and soft for all day.  Try to apply moisturizer on a regular basis. When you don’t apply moisturizer, the oil glands of the skin produce extra oil which compensates the skin. Keeping the skin balance and toned, apply moisturizer 2 or 3 times a day after cleansing the skin.

beauty hacks for monsoon

Exfoliate and Clean the skin

During the monsoon season, it is important to use a cleanser with good exfoliation. To keep the balance of the skin concentrate, cleanse the face 2 or 3 times a day. Use a good quality cleansing brush or just wipe face with a warm towel. Make -ups, water, and oily pores keep the skin in major trauma, for this you just have to take time and deep clean it. If you are addicted to doing eye make -up, then remove it first and then clean your face with good cleanser. Deep cleaning help in sloughing down the dead cells which can clog the pores and makes the skin condition worse.

beauty hacks for monsoon

Use CC Cream on face

If your skin needs too much coverage, then use either BB or CC cream. It will give you the even tone skin which will last for the whole day. When heavy coverage is applied on the skin, it will fade more in humidity and rain. Heavy coverage makes the skin oilier. If you think you would need more cream, then you can use little concealer in the area where it is required.

beauty hacks for monsoon

Use waterproof mascara

To keep your eyes glimpse and attractive you can use waterproof mascara  in the monsoon season. You can avoid smudgy kohl which makes eyes worst and fades the look. Try to line your eyes with good quality eye shadow and mascara which will last for the whole day. You can also use waterproof kohl if you want to do smoky eyes.

beauty hacks for monsoon


Using a good primer on the skin will give a perfect and good look. Primer, when applied on the skin, holds the makeup for long hours. Since, in monsoon season, due to rain make ups usually get washed, so it is better to use primer on the skin which will help you out in providing perfect look.

beauty hacks for monsoon

In Monsoon season avoid using facial and bleaches, they can harm your face. So stay charmed and happy with your natural look.