5 Easy Ways To Get Long Hair Naturally



Growing healthy, long and beautiful tresses is something that every lady desires to have, and you will be excited to know that it is not at all a difficult process. We don’t even require any salon products, vitamins or any expensive product.

Ladies try different methods to grow good looking bouncy hair that will woo others. Bouncy and envious hair can be grown easily be grown with good strength and in excellent condition if just a little care is taken.

I was trying to figure out the best and easy ways to get long hair naturally. I found quite a huge number of natural ways to get good hair.

Here I compiled the 5 best and easy ways to get long hair naturally. Also, the tips will help you to get a natural shine and vibrant looks in your long tresses.

1. Eat healthy diet

Having good diet is one of the key factors to keep hairs healthy and strong. Taking a diet which has iron, minerals vitamins and protein not only improves the quality of hair but also keep the body fit and healthy.

Try out foods that consist of high vitamins such as A, B, C and E, and minerals like Zinc, Copper, iron, magnesium, etc. Vitamin B complexes are very effective in making hair grow faster. Try to include foods like cheese, curd, milk, eggs, chicken, whole grain, oats, spinach, bell peppers as a part of your balanced diet. This will help you out in growing the hair in an effective way.

easy ways to get long hair naturally

2. Use Castor Oil in scalp

Castor oil consists of Omega – 9 fatty acids, vitamin E and other essential fatty acids in it. When castor oil is used in the scalp, it promotes the hair growth naturally.

Castor oil is quite viscous, therefore, mix this oil in equal amount with olive, coconut or almond oil. Massage this oil into scalp and leave it for 30 to 45 minutes, and then wash your hair with shampoo.

Using essential oil such as peppermint, rosemary, thyme oil and eucalyptus also work in a great way.

easy ways to get long hair naturally

3. Massage improves blood circulation

Massaging scalp with oil increases the blood flow to the scalp. Doing deep condition once in a week with the hair mask or oil treatment is also a good way to keep hair nourished and smooth.

You can apply conditioner or warm oil to hair.

With your fingers, gently rub your scalp in circulation motion for three to five minutes.

Now, wash your hair with cold water.

easy ways to get long hair naturally

4. Stay away from stress

Stress is the major cause of hair loss. According to studies and researches, it has found that stress disrupts the human hair cycle and triggers the hairs in entering the telogen. Therefore, it is important to minimize the stress in your life which strives in increasing the hair growth more rapidly.

Stress can be managed by various techniques such as doing meditation regularly, doing breathing exercise or any other relaxation therapy. Try to take proper sleep as the growth hormone is released during sleep.

easy ways to get long hair naturally

5. Use the mask of Egg

Eggs are very beneficial for growing hair faster. They consist of high protein, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous and zinc. You can use the hair mask once in a week to make your hair long.


With these tips, you can get long and lengthy hair like Rapunzel and that too of a very enriched quality.