7-Beauty hacks every girl should know! Makeup, hair, nail and more things to know…..


Do you need bouncy hairs, your favorite lipstick is broken, wants to remove foundation from cloths, no time for manicure then you came to the correct site to know all these beauty hacks.

1:  Blow dry you hair in backward direction to get more volume and bouncy hairs:
2: All girls went through this , your favorite lipstick is broken and you felt it’s time to throws this out of your make box or you have buy a new one but now you have a solution for this: use lighter to heat the base of the broken lipstick ,Stand the base of the lipstick upright on the workspace. Swivel it up as far as possible. And keep the lipstick in the refrigerator for an hour and your favorite lipstick is ready to use.
3: How to remove foundation stain from cloths and carpet, apply shaving cream on the stain and rub it gently after that keep the cloth in washing machine for washing.
4:For more thicker and fuller eye lashes use baby powder before using mascara.
5:Clean your nails or mini manicure at home in 15 minutes:
if you want to clean your nails , then take a bowl of warm water mix few drops of hydrogen per oxide ,backing soda, few drops of lemon ,pinch of salt and any shampoo and dip your hands for couple of minutes and wash it off with clean water and apply moisturizer.
6: Matte nail paint hack: Apply any nail paint after that apply a pure corn starch powder on it to get a matte nail look.
7: Dry your nail paint in few seconds: Take a bowl of cold water or water with few ice cubes and dip your nails in it to dryer your nail paint faster.