Absurdly Simple Fashion Hacks That Will Change Your Life


There are days and there are days when you don’t know what to do! Here we will discuss some simple fashion hacks which will change your life and make it much easier. They are:

To iron the collar 

collars can never be well ironed. The next time you to iron them use a flat hair iron and see how it works.


Stop runs

before slipping on your tights spray them with hairspray to stop them from tears and runs.


Clean suede 

to clean your suede just get a toothbrush and start scrubbing. This will make it clean in an instant.


Maintain denim 

don’t use detergent to preserve the color of your denim. Instead dip them in cold water and one cup distilled vinegar, this help to maintain it and keep it odor free.


Deodorizing shoes 

to keep your shoes from being smelly keep a dry tea bag in each shoe and leave them overnight. The tea bags will absorb the smell and leave them fresh. You can repeat the procedure when required.


DIY vintage soft shirts 

for this you need to dip your soft T- shirt in one quarter water and half cup of salt for three days. Then wash it and dry for use.


Unstick zippers 

you can unstick a zipper by rubbing a candle or a bar of soap on the zipper so that you can pull it smoothly.