Essential clothes and accessories for every college girl


Now that school is over you need to stock up on clothes and accessories for the coming college days. Well, nothing too expensive or elaborate is required but a few essentials will make your college days smooth and easier. Having these essentials will stop causing you worries about what to wear every morning. Here we will discuss a few essential clothes and accessories that each college going student must have in her wardrobe so that life becomes much easier for them. They are:

A good sweater

since winter is drawing nearer it is essential to have a good sweater in your cupboard which you can wear over anything and everything. Like a v neck sweater, which you can wear over anything and it is super comfortable too. It is sure stylish and comfortable.



Comfortable flats 

Whether you’re a traveling student or you live on the campus, one thing is for sure and that is that every student needs a pair of comfortable, cute flats. They are easy to walk around in all day, and you will feel totally comfortable in your classes. They are easy to slip on and you can pair these with jeans, a dress, sweat pants, whatever you want.




Basic black leggings are a wardrobe must. But if you haven’t tried wearing a pair of fun, patterened leggings, then you’re really missing out. These leggings are so comfortable that they are perfect for a long day of classes.



a college going student must own a pair of sneakers. A flexible and comfortable sneaker will help you in your gym class or at any other sports you play in the college. There are various brands out there from which you can choose. So get yourself a comfortable pair of sneakers.


A leather jacket 

A good leather jacket is a wardrobe must for all college students, even the girls who think they can’t pull it off. It looks good on everyone and anyone can pull it off easily. You just have to find the right style for you. A leather jacket is light, fits well and is  ideal for all weather, and looks cute with a chunky scarf and boots.



it does not matter if you are not at the beach but at the college. You need a pair of good sunglasses to wear while going for your classes or hanging around in the campus. They add a certain brightness to the clothes you wear.


A versatile scarf 

scarves are one of the best accessories for a person attending the college. They look amazing with literately anything you wear. A woolen scarf can be warm, cozy and stylish. You can wrap it any number of times you want and it can also serve as a blanket in the chilly classrooms.


Thus, all college students, make a note of these essential accessories and clothes you need before you step into the college. Make sure you have all these things and see hoe easy life would be for you.