Essential fashion accessories every woman should own


If you are conscious about style and fashion then make sure you follow these simple rules. Never leave home without some of these essential fashion accessories. They can enhance your look and make your dress look even better. These are simple things but it is essential for every fashion conscious woman to own some of these. These accessories will add the best finishing touch to your outfit and give the best stylish look you have been wanting to have. They are:

A gold watch 

gold watches are like black pumps which can never go out of style, so if you are thinking of buying a watch, buy a gold watch. They go with almost everything. Since they come in different shapes and sizes it is best you try them out to see which suits you best.


A pair of studs 

a pair of simple studs with diamond or crystal can just do the job for you. No matter what you wear or what prints you wear, a pair of studs will add edge to your look. An oxidized stud or a black stone stud can also be used for regular wear.



hats enhance your looks and make you look cool and stylish. During winters a woolen hat is good for any occasion and a straw hat is best for summers. But, if you are not too fond of them then, have at least one hat in your cupboard and that is the black fedora. It will go with any outfit and make you look stylish and trendy.


Fancy bracelets 

by stacking up your arms with different kinds of bracelets you can make your own cool look and appear stylish and trendy. You can mix your watch, bracelet and friendship bands to create a nice little mixture which will make you look trendy.


Shady aviators 

finding the right pair of sunglasses can be a tough job at times, but finding the right aviators is easy. They go with every type of dress and every face cut too. So, you need not worry and just have them with you to add an edge to your looks.


Waist belts

these are the most underused accessories but for women they are actually a must. They clinch the waist at the right place and help accentuate the right curves. A thin neutral or a metallic belt can be good for most occasions and dresses.


A classic shoulder bag

investing in a classic shoulder bag will reap great benefit for you. Choose a simple and neat black bag that can last you for seasons and see how it helps to enhance your looks.


A printed scarf 

it is the best way to put color and dimension in your outfit. It does not need to be wild and colorful but just simple. A black and white polka dotted scarf can be good looking and fun too.


So, the next time you are going out, do not forget these essential accessories which you must have with you. Try them and see how they help to enhance your look and make you look prettier.