Fashion Mistakes At Work You Can See!


Whatever you can wear and carry off without having to feel bad or cringe is basically fashion. There are not many do’s and don’ts there. But, when you go to a work place, it is necessary you follow some dress code. There are certain do’s and don’ts which might help prove helpful if you follow them. Why give any colleague the reason to criticize? Here are some of the do’s and don’ts of fashion which you should follow while at work:

Your underwear strap

it is tough being a woman but it would be helpful to dress appropriately for the office and it would not be in good fashion to show your underwear strap there. While this is common when you are outside or enjoying, this might not be a good idea at the office.

Wearing a see through shirt, dress or skirt

again, while it is alright to wear a see through dress for casual occasions and parties, it might not be a good idea to wear such things for work. So, make sure you do not cause unwanted distractions at the work place.

Wear long skirts or jeans 

if you don’t want to flash your inners at your colleagues or boss, then it is best to avoid short skirts and go for long skirts or jeans instead. It is not only easy to handle a long skirt or jeans but is also comfortable. This way you will have no worry of flashing your inners at your work colleagues and will be saved from embarrassment.

Avoid high heels and wear shoes which help you to run around 

since at work many people have a lot of work walking around or do errands running around, so it is best to avoid wearing heels and instead wear comfortable shoes. Heels may slow you down, so it would be better to wear flats or platforms heels which would aid you to move around quickly.

Heavy make-up 

heavy make-up in the office is not going to be a plus point for you and might even make people think you are high maintenance. Thus, it is always better to go to work with a natural look and minimum make up. It is best to leave the heavy make-up stuff for the weekends.

Don’t wear too expensive clothes, but wear formal comfortable clothes

if your tasks involves you to do a lot of work involving running around, hauling and moving etc, then it is best to avoid expensive clothes to work and instead wear formal, comfortable clothes. It is no use wearing expensive suits or other things when they are bound to get dirty. So avoid them!


Thus, if you are a fresher at the office and are not too sure, don’t worry you will be able to make it through the first few days and later if you avoid these common fashion mistakes at the office. So, keep these points in mind and avoid the common fashion mistakes at work. Have a comfortable work day.