Foods To Avoid To Reduce The Obesity! Read Full

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Since the whole world today is being plagued by obesity which is said to be the mother of all diseases, we will thus discuss ways to prevent it. The best way to do it is through controlling our food habits. Certain foods that we take are not good for the body and can lead to obesity, which in turn may lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases etc. so, the foods to avoid to prevent or reduce obesity are:

1. Concentrated sugar

high sucrose content in foods and high fructose corn syrup are said to cause obesity. The food containing these two are: cakes, candies, juices, and the sugary sodas.


2. Processed and fast food

processed foods generally contain refined grains which have sugars and a whole lot of saturated fats and trans-fats. Examples of such food are all fried foods, processed foods like bacon, ham, salami and red meat like pork, beef, lamb and other appetizers too.


3. Alcohol

by cutting down on alcohol one can prevent obesity to a great extent. Since alcohol is the product of natural foods, it has high concentration of sugar which again adds to obesity in people.


4. Diet drinks

although these diet drinks are said to have zero calories, have chemicals in them which increase hunger pangs that could lead to overeating and obesity. They also release insulin in the body which leads to rise in glucose levels and obesity.


5. Refined processed carbohydrates

today refined carbohydrates like white bread,white rice or pasta are not too good for health, as they slow down theĀ  metabolism and on digestion turn into sugar which in turn leads to fat and obesity. So, next time think twice before consuming these processed carbohydrates.


6. Water retention foods

foods high in sodium should be avoided as these foods increase the sodium level in the body which leads to fluid collection in the hands and feet and gives one the feeling of getting bloated. Some sodium rich food are tomato greens, spinach, celery leaves, pink beans, coriander leaves, mango etc.


7. Butter and cheese

milk products like butter and cheese when taken regularly can lead to weight gain and this may lead to various other types of complications. Thus, although yoghurt is good among dairy products, the same cannot be said for cheese and butter. So, they must not be taken regularly, in order to avoid obesity.


8. Fruit juice

apart from a small amount each day, it is best to avoid fruit juices today as they are high on sugar content which gradually increases obesity in a person. So, if you want to drink fruit juice a small quantity of it that too once in a while would be more than enough. Long term of consuming this could lead to high blood glucose which could be very bad for the health.


Thus, now that you know the foods to avoid to reduce obesity, make sure you follow this guide and remain free from it. Avoid obesity and lead a long and healthy life.