Some Important Things Every Woman Must Have In Their Clutch While Going To a Party


Now that you have selected your dress and shoes for the party along with the matching clutch and other accessories, you also need to keep certain essentials in your bag which you may need through the party. Well, these things may seem insignificant but they can help you to get through the party easily looking refreshed and glowing all through the night. No more looking tired and uncomfortable. Keep these essentials in your clutch and get through the party looking hot and glamorous at all hours:

Highlighting powder

using this powder on the cheekbones and eyelids will add a glow to the skin and will make you appear refreshed and glowing. People will be surprised to see you looking refreshed at all hours and will definitely want to know the secret for it.



a slim and portable exfoliant is a must for any party. It dissolves dead skin from the lips and hydrates it with a blend of sugar crystals, shea butter and vitamin B5.


A pink lip shade 

don’t forget to carry a bright pink lip shade with you to the party. It would be as bold as the crimson one and would definitely look good and last through the night and can be touched up if required. Make sure to have it in your clutch while going to the party.


A perfume

don’t forget to carry your perfume with you. No need to carry a huge bottle of it but just a small one would suffice and keep you smelling good all through the night. All the people will be surprised to see you smelling sweet and looking fresh even after partying all through the night.



there is no substitute for a concealer and a quick touch up in the taxi or the powder room can help to put all back in place once again. It will help to erase all dark circles from under the eyes and hideaway all the tiredness and discomfort from your face. It is a must for all the ladies to have this in their clutch when they go to a party.


Blotting paper 

quick fix blotting papers in a small tube is just what you need to remove any excess oil from the face without disturbing make up. You will get several such blotting paper cases small enough to be carried in your bag and used effectively during parties.


A liner 

again, this is an important part of the things that need to be carried by you while going for a party. It ensures that your blended lids maintain their intensity all through the night and you look as new as ever. It will make your eyes look more beautiful and better.


So, ladies if you want to look good and fresh even past midnight at the party then do remember to carry these essentials in your clutch always and see how useful they are.