Top 5 Weight Loss Diet Tips That Get Results!


Simple And Effective Ways To Lose Weight Fast.

5tipsThe foundation to successful weight loss is a healthy, calorie controlled diet. A healthy weight loss diet means not only looking at what you eat now but also how you adapt your lifestyle for the long-term. The only way to lose weight and keep it off forever is to change your habits and learn to make healthy choices. Here I want to share my 5 weight loss diet tips that I have seen results with…

1. Keep Track Of Your Total Calorie Consumption

Calorie-Calculator1Ensure that you are mindful of the total amount of calories you’re eating. The amount of calories you eat will undoubtedly influence how much weight you will lose. Even if all your calories are from healthy and natural foods, if you eat too many, you’ll have problems losing weight.

2. Choose Natural, Unprocessed Foods

robbies-cover-ingredientsNatural, unprocessed foods are generally low in calories. On top of that, they’re a great source of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Processed foods are typically high in calories and have a small proportion of the nutritional value of natural, unprocessed foods. By eating natural, unprocessed foods instead of processed foods, you consume fewer calories all round.

3. Start Cooking For Yourself

Woman seasoning foodTo get the best flavor from natural, unprocessed foods you need to learn to cook and not rely on pre-cooked processed foods. If you start off with some basic recipes, you’ll quickly figure it out and be enjoying a wide range of healthy, low calorie meals in no time at all.

4. Fill Up On Veggies

veggiesVegetables are low in calories, are extremely filling and do a great job of satisfying your appetite. Adding several portions of vegetables to each meal is a great to satisfy your appetite. Most vegetables contain less than 50 calories per serving and are the ideal healthy food for weight loss. Vegetables also have a very high concentration of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

5. Allow Yourself Occasional Cheat Meals

eatingburgerpicA healthy diet for weight loss does involve a certain level of self-discipline. But, if you’re too rigid on what you eat and forbid yourself certain foods, it seldom works. It typically leads to strong cravings followed by large, unhealthy binges. Consequently, to prevent any binge eating and to make your diet more workable in the long-term, allow yourself the occasional cheat meal. These cheat meals can include any foods you like and the only rule is that you eat them 20% of the time and stick to healthy, natural, unprocessed foods the remaining 80% of the time.

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