Trends you’re too old to Wear in 30s


Sometimes we are old enough but we do not realize that we are too old for a certain things. Here are a few things you might want to avoid as years pass on:

Too distressed or embellished denims 

if your denim is too distressed or embellished then, it is not meant for your wardrobe. With maturity you have to give up on these things as you may be too old to wear them.


Cheap lingerie

you may be in the habit of wearing cheap discounted lingerie but does it help the bulges and bumps? Well, you are too old to wear these things and it’s time to get yourself a drawer full of good lingerie which might cost a little but will last a lifetime.


Excessive cleavage 

showing off excessive cleavage is a sign of immaturity and you are too old to do it. Anything below half bust is too open and why bare all when you can leave some of it for people to imagine?


Stripper heels and thigh high boots 

well, all these shoes and the gladiator sandals are for people in their 20’s and wearing these may make you feel like being back in college. They may even blister your feet. So, why take chances when you are too old for it.


Crop tops and hot pants

this type of wear is good for the beach at your age and may not look good on you when you go to buy groceries. So, go to the gym and get the body ready to wear them to a beach or something.


Graphic boasting tees 

boasting expression on your T shirts can make you seem juvenile, so it is best to avoid them at all costs.


Skimpy skirts 

mini skirts do not often look good with age unless you are a teenager and you have great legs to flaunt. You can try pencil skirts till below the knee which adds to the gravity.


Giant hobo bags 

these giant, slouchy hobo bags look more like potato sack and do nothing for your image. Grow up and get rid of them and instead use designer clutches or purse.


Too many accessories 

taking and wearing too many accessories from teenagers may make you look silly and young. Instead get a watch or a scarf to make yourself look chic.


Visible bra straps 

instead of letting people see your under wear, get ones which are not visible with the dresses you wear. Flaunting them can be childish