Types of pants every woman should own


Pants are the most comfortable piece of clothing and have been the perfect choice for most women even if they are working on your most of the time. While shirts, skirts and shorts have their place in our wardrobes and hearts, nothing can beat our love for the pants. Here are a few types of pants which every woman should have in her cupboard:


for many of us, comfortable and well fitting pants means jeans. Having a pair of basic jeans in either a dark or light shade is the perfect outfit for most occasions. Pairing up a jeans with any type of top will make you look casually chic and fashionable for any occasion.



A pair of well-fitting trousers is the best formal chic option for most of us. Today, online shopping has left us with a wide variety of choice when it comes to trousers and you’ll find numerous styles, patterns and even prints.



palazzos are the latest trend and you need to have one in your closet right away. They look feminine and when paired with heels they make you look really fashionable.



leggings are very comfortable, and give you a slightly sexy look that is perfect for when you have a fancy date but don’t want to be uncomfortable. They come in different colors too. Pair it up with a pair of ankle-length boots, a cute top and maybe a coat that ends just short of your knee and you are ready to go.



These are the perfect type of pants for summers but keep it a little conservative. Cthey can be paired with flowy tops, short kurtas, crop tops, and practically anything else your creativity can come up with. They look cool and fashionable.


Apart from the various other types of pants like party pants, chinos and lounge pants, these few of the given pants are a must in any woman’s closet today, and are very essential. If you have not got them, get them soon.