Yoga for Beginners: 10 Minutes a Day for Productive Mind Healthy Body

Check How Yoga Can Help You In Keeping Yourself Stress-free And Healthy

Yoga is a spiritual discipline or regime, which includes controlled breathing, meditation, and the using special exercises, for a healthy body and relaxed mind.

Yoga means the union of the mind, body and spirit. Today, people all over the world practice yoga, whatever be the age, from those with fit bodies to those dealing with chronic illness and pain. It is said that yoga has been recognized as one of the most effective way of gaining a healthy mind and body. Yoga’s different poses and exercises make it very interesting and emotionally rich, giving you a choice of options for designing a practice that fits your needs.

The beginning of yoga dates back to thousands of years. Yoga gained popularity in the western countries only a couple of decades back, where now it has blossomed into a variety of different styles, each addressing a specific area of problem.

In today’s busy life, there are schedules to meet, phone calls to make, running for work, bringing up of kids etc. This leaves us with little or no time to devote on our health, relaxation, proper rest or sleep. Due to lack of sufficient exercise or physical activity, lifestyle diseases like obesity, ulcers, allergies, stress and high blood pressure are making us succumb to them. This can be remedied and there is scope for improving your health even if you start with basics of yoga. Beginners yoga can include simple exercises and poses which can be done by anyone regardless of the age. For beginners regular practice of simple yoga exercises even for 10 minutes can bring about a lot of change.

If you’ve never tried yoga, look into many styles and teachings before settling for the type of yoga suitable for you. If you practice at home, create a separate space for yourself: Find a time when you won’t be disturbed, switch off your phone, and move through your practice, focusing on the inhalation and exhalation of each breath.


The exercises that all yoga beginners must learn are:

  • Calming: this is also known as the Yin yoga and it helps to stretch the bodies muscles and tissues in poses for a few minutes and is best for meditation. It is good for all beginners.
  • Heart strengthening: this is a type of power yoga and includes strenuous workout, along with slow and relaxed breathing. This yoga is done under supervision of experts and is a higher level of yoga.
  • Pain relief: this type of Yoga exercises focuses on breathing, stretching of muscles, and relaxing which can help to relieve pain in the lower body, joints and more.
  • Mental healing: this is known as Forrest yoga and it mainly helps resolve addictive behavior, eating disorders, bad thoughts, and other destructive habits. This set of yoga exercises is the ideal way to make the first move towards achieving a healthier mind and body.

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Things to remember while doing yoga: 

  • Children below the age of 12 years should not yoga poses for a very long time.
  • The best time to practice yoga is the early morning hours
  • Food restrictions – don’t practice yoga with a full stomach. Consume food three and a half hours before doing yoga and water an hour earlier.
  • Place should be spacious, clean, airy, bright and away from distractions.
  • Yoga should be practices on floor mats or carpet for comfort.
  • Clothes and undergarments should be loose, clean and comfortable.


Thus, for beginners all these things should be kept in mind to achieve a healthy body and mind. Thus, however busy you may be take out at least 10 minutes for yourself and practice these exercises regularly to remain fit and healthy.